Foundation Growth Package

Your roadmap to success

Here's how it works, and how I work with you!

For me to help you, I have to get under the skin of your business. I don’t know your business well enough right now – and I’m sure there’s a lot to know. I’m not here to overwhelm you I’m here to get you the most optimum results possible.

There’s probably a lot to know about your offers, about your customer, your competition, all that kind of stuff. I really want to get to know it at that level.

Doing this Foundation Growth Package first allows me to create a blueprint (a road map), and a plan so that when we work together and create costings, I know that it’s clear, it’s accurate, it’s taken into consideration all the unique circumstances of your business.

The Foundation Growth Package comes in 3 parts:


The Pre-Work

When you sign up for the Foundation Growth Package, I’m going to send you a questionnaire to complete.

It’ll take you probably 30-45 minutes to answer the questions. Your answers are going to be my homework.

I’m going to dig into your business on my own time, and start to look at who your competitors are, what things are working, what’s not, look at all your sales pages, your offers, your website, stuff like that.


The Call

Then, we get on a call for two hours, and that two hour call is recorded. During that two hour call, I take all my pre-work, all the research I did and we talk, and we hash out, and we create a complete road map for the next three to six to nine months.

We’re going to dive into your offers and your funnels, and I will actually give you all the strategy and the tactics that I’m learning, that I learned in my business with my own clients. I’m going to bring that to the table and help you create a really solid plan.

The idea is that by the end of the two hours, you are going to have everything out on the table and in a workable plan that you could actually take and go execute yourself if you had the time.


The Report

Then the way it works after that, is I give you the recording, and I also work up a report.

The report basically outlines in great detail everything we talked about with a plan. If we decide we don’t want to work together after I have sent your report, you can take that full road map and blueprint report and you can do it yourself, or you can execute with somebody else.

If you do decide to work with me, then I can create a really detailed proposal out of your report as I know exactly what we’re doing and exactly the timeline. It eliminates scope creep or excessive revisions, all the things that make people nervous about proposals because they’re thinking, ‘Ooh, I hope this proposal covers everything I want done.’

The cost for the Foundation Growth Package is £1500 (including VAT) payable prior to the call. Once payment is received, then we can schedule a suitable time in the diary.

That’s how I work with people, so if you’re interested I would love to get you signed up for that intensive so we can start to see if we’re a good fit together. Even if it turns out we’re not, you leave with a complete road map for the next three to six to nine months with a clear vision of what goal(s) you’re working towards.

Sound good?

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