Find Your Superpower So You Can Have The Confidence To Attract the Right Clients.

In this blog I’ll share:

  1. How to discover what your real superpower is.
  2. Become known for your Superpower
  3. Convert your superpower into a magnet for clients

It’s true!  People have unbelievable superpowers and they don’t even know it!  I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had with clients who take their superpower for granted.

And let me be clear here – when I talk about superpower, I’m really talking about an expertise that you have, that gives someone a transformation – be it personally or professionally. Making you the EXPERT.   

For example, I have a client in the Leadership space who is superb at what she does, and her superpower is transforming everyday people into incredible leaders, she gives them a sense of purpose and gives them the tools they need to be their own leaders in their field.

Now, I spot this a mile off (that’s one of my superpowers), but she’s too close to it to see it herself.  

And this is true of most people.  

You can be too close to what you do to recognise how skilled you are at one particular thing. 

So how do you figure this out when maybe you don’t believe you do have a superpower?

Here’s what I would do…

I’d look back at the last few clients I’ve helped, and look at what I’d done that has helped them transform their life.

Then I’d have a conversation with them to get clarity and feedback (you’ll be amazed. Your best clients will be incredibly honest with you). 

You can clarify this by speaking to colleagues too who should be able to endorse your expertise.

So – go on!  Figure out what your expertise is, that you can call your SUPERPOWER!

How to become known for your Superpower

This is where you need to share your stories. 

The biggest challenge you have is recognising your superpower and acknowledging it. 

Seriously when you know this – I mean really know this, then you start sharing stories about how you’ve used this to help others, how you’ve honed this skill and transformed the lives of people you’ve helped.

Share your stories on social media (FB, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) and you will start attracting people towards you. 

Have a clear CTA, be clear about what the next step looks like, be clear about what you want them to do (optin to an email sequence, schedule a call with you, send them to some more valuable content). 

Have a process.

This is the beginning of your funnel.

Convert your superpower into a magnet for clients

The more you publicly talk about your superpower, the more likely you will attract people who need your services.

So what’s the next step?

How do you easily convert those people who want more from you?

The answer is to create a valuable lead magnet to send these people to.

BUT – don’t stop there.  That’s where it all falls apart.

You must also have a follow up process in place. When you’ve captured the lead, it’s too easy for them to slip through your net.

Create a story you can send to them, split out over several emails. Send them to more of your content.  Drive them to take action.  

The more content of yours they consume, the more engaged they are the more likely they will come back to you for your services.

Follow up is absolutely vital, and it’s by far the weakest link as leads come through to you.

Remember to focus on your superpower, set up your lead capture and follow up and you’ll always have a healthy flow of leads.

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