How to finally start thinking big so that you can allow success to happen to you.

Let go of those limited beliefs

When we were kids, we were taught to not be frivolous with money, and to spend it wisely. And also to value every penny we have.

This is a good lesson, but it can impede our success.  Why? Because if we think about every single penny we have; what we spend it on and how we spend it we’re constantly thinking about how expensive things are, we’re constantly comparing prices and looking for the best deal to save our pennies.

And what we don’t always do is look at the value.  The value gets compromised for keeping those extra pennies in our pockets.   

In other words, if I can get it cheaper I’ve got a great deal, right?

And so our thoughts become tuned into this mindset and belief which overspills into how we think about ourselves.  We believe that if we should keep our prices low for our services because we think we’re helping out our clients, because we believe they have the same belief as us!

We’re looking at the wrong thing, and focusing on the money and not the outcome.

When we start to look at the outcome, and put a value on that, things start to change.

How do you put a price on someone having a massive impact on your business, how do you put a price on changing your life for the better, how do you put a price on trust and support?

There are many things in life that are difficult to put a price on.  

The truth is about the value, not the price.  And when we change our perspective from “price” to “value”, that’s when the shift in our mind happens.

Uplevel your thinking

I get it, you’re stuck.  Looking at other people who have wealth, and you don’t!  It just isn’t fair.

These are thoughts of people who are stuck in a cycle of thinking the same way, although they probably don’t know it.

Do you find yourself asking yourself the same questions over and over again?

  • Why are other people wealthy?
  • Why won’t my business grow faster?
  • I can never get the right staff
  • I never seem to have enough money.
  • Etc, etc

When these thoughts pass through your mind, it will keep you where you’ve always been. When you start thinking differently and then asking yourself different questions, things can start to change.

A mentor of mine often says “You have to give yourself time to think differently”.  You are what you think you are!

When you change the questions to..

  • How can I create more wealth?
  • How can I grow my business faster?
  • How can I create a culture of awesome people?
  • How can I increase my income?

Your thinking starts to change.  And when your thinking starts to change, you change and change happens to you.

It’s not as hard as you think

Every thought creates an action that will create a consequence.

Thinking is habitual.  Our brains loop around in circles, and we have to break that circle to start to think differently.

Which means creating new habits, including:

  • Read books around how to change your thinking
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded people
  • Watching videos on how to think differently.

And when you become consciously aware of your new thinking, you will catch yourself when you fall back into your old habit and the more you do this, the more new thinking replace your old thoughts.

It’s absolutely possible and absolutely doable, when you become aware of what’s possible. 

And when your mind opens up, to new opportunities and new possibilities that’s when your world will start to change.

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