How to identify bigger opportunities and make your online coaching business work!

I want to with you share why you can get out of the corporate world and find a bigger market who need your skills:

  1. Look at the problem you really solve.
  2. You already have the process in place.
  3. You just need a different vehicle to deliver it in.

The coaching market has exploded over the last few years. Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs have realised the impact that learning from people who’ve been there before can have not just on them but their teams and more importantly their revenues and profits.

It’s become the quickest way to develop and grow a business, to cut through the learning process and find success quicker than you would otherwise.

In my experience working with many coaches, I believe there are two types:

  1. Those who have found themselves a “job” working for Agencies who supply them work to larger organisations
  2. Those who are entrepreneurial and who network to find new opportunities, both offline and online.

Let’s focus on the first type of Coach.  

These coaches find themselves work via agencies, which have popped up and who supply quality coaches to the corporate business. This is great for the larger organisation who have a need to have teams and managers coached at scale in specific areas.  

It also saves the corporates a shed load of time from trawling through LinkedIn to locate, interview and recruit the coaches they need.  

This is a great set up for the corporate and the Agency, but not always for the Coach and their career.   The Coach, who has worked incredibly hard to develop their skills, soon finds themselves at the mercy of the Agency for work.

The problem (I’m seeing) with this is two fold. 

  • When the Agency runs out of work, the Coach also runs out of work (plus the Agency tends to take the lion’s share of the revenue).
  • The Coach becomes too dependent on one form of income, and can become trapped in this feast and famine cycle

Does this sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone.  And this is where I want to show you there are bigger opportunities open to you – all you need to do is to look for them.

What Problem Are You Really Solving?

I get it, it’s easy. Fall into a job that then becomes the norm!  Until that “norm” starts to change.

But let’s look at what you really do!  

  • You’re helping people by working with them to develop better skillsets.
  • You’re encouraging them to be more open-minded and to challenge their status quo.
  • You’re guiding them to become better versions of themselves.
  • You’re the first person they come to when they face a challenge they don’t know how to deal with.

The common theme here is people. It’s all about people.  

And the truth is you can help a lot of people – even if they don’t work for a corporate. 

The growth in the Entrepreneur market has exploded the same way that it has in the Coaching market, and the internet has allowed this to happen at speed.

There are a LOT of entrepreneurs who want to build their business but guess what – they don’t have the skills they need.

There is a huge gap in the market to help entrepreneurs build thriving businesses.

The gap that you have is knowing how to market to these people in a way that will attract them towards you!

I’m not saying for one minute this is easy, but it is simple.  This is a great opportunity but it takes hard work.

Here’s another truth…

You already have the process in place

Think about it. You know the process you take people through to help them develop the personal skills they need.

You probably have it documented.

You understand exactly the steps that they have to work through.

Which means in a very loose way, that you have already the foundations of a course that can be taught online as well as offline.

It’s the same work, just delivered using a different vehicle

You’re smart!! All you have to do is to think slightly differently in a couple of ways:

  1. The market is bigger than you think, more people need your help who don’t necessarily work in a corporate environment.
  2. How can I deliver this online??

Therefore the challenge you have is:

  • Knowing how to market it
  • Learning how to position it (and you)
  • Understanding how to present it.

And realistically finding someone who has this knowledge to help you along this journey.

Believe me, your work is not limited to the big boys!  You can serve a much BIGGER audience and earn much higher revenues if you adjust your thinking slightly.

Is it a risk? 

Yes, absolutely.

And the way to mitigate this risk is to find and work alongside someone that can show you the exact process you need to follow to make this happen.

And that’s exactly where I can help.

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