How to Identify your Ideal Prospect and Make Your Social Media Efforts Work!

In this blog I’ll cover these 3 topics:

  • Why nailing your Niche/Ideal Prospect is crucial to your success/
  • Posting randomly is just for those who haven’t tuned in their offer yet
  • Why specificity wins the day every day.

These lockdown times have made (read forced) many people to think differently, and often in a good way too.

It’s given people time, where before they believed they had none. In truth everyone has the same amount of time it’s all about how that time was prioritised.

I digress, however. In honesty it has been a good opportunity for many to really look at their business and look to see where the gaps are in their marketing efforts.

And the biggest mistake I see way too often is truly understanding what your niche is, if indeed you have a niche?

Your Niche Is Crucial

Figuring this out isn’t always easy, but trust me when I say spending quality time on getting this right is worth its weight in gold!

You see until this is crystal clear, you literally

  • Can’t create get the messaging right
  • Can’t create a perfect offer
  • Can’t craft client-attracting messages
  • Can’t help everybody.

It has a knock on effect.  If you get this wrong, then the rest of your marketing will always be wrong and you’ll never be able to attract your ideal customers.

Here’s 3 things you can do to nail this.

  1. People buy emotionally.  What do your ideal prospects think the real problem they have is? What do they understand about it? What level of awareness do they have? Are they unaware, or are they aware of the problem and looking for the solution? 
  2. What language are they talking?  Are you speaking the same language?  You must meet them where they’re at and speak their language.
  3. Mindset!  What do they believe about their problem? And I emphasise THEY. This is about them, not you at this point.

The more you are able to figure out your niche, the more chance you have of success!

What has the World been telling you to do?

Experts have been telling us for years that in order to make social media work as a lead generation tool…

You MUST be on every new platform.

You MUST post 3 times per day on each.

You MUST be active in 5 different groups on FB.

And you MUST reply to everyone everywhere all the time.


You should make videos… repost them in new formats… do photo shoots… engagement posts…

… and a headspin for good measure.

And even if you do all that, there’s no guarantee it will ever pay off.

So I understand why a lot of coaches and consultants shy away from social media as a lead generation tool.

HOWEVER… all that busy work is ONLY necessary when your offer is not tuned in or you don’t know how to sell it.

Nailing your offer is the key to knowing how and what to post successfully to get engagement on Social Media.

And this comes down to…


In order to attract your ideal audience, you must set the foundations of your offer

Is it specific?  Does it attract the right type of people you really want?

Is it tangible? Are you offering a really tangible solution to their problem

Does it repel? It must repel those who it really isn’t for. If they see it, they should bounce off the page.

It is proprietary? Did you come up with a unique way of packaging it, unique to you and unique to them?

Is it aspirational – Does it tick the aspirational box for your prospect so that it clearly aligns with them and is their next step to their goal.

People are fearful of being too specific because they don’t want folk to miss out. 

This then becomes a mindset issue because trust me when I say, your offer is not for everybody.