How you can finally stop over-thinking so you can convert your idea into a real life profitable business


  1. How to stop the overwhelm
  2. Why creating a plan will save your life
  3. Don’t worry about your following. Stick to the plan and it will happen.

I know, I get it. 

You have this idea, right? 

And you think – “This would be great if I could only get it online and get people to see it”, then all of a sudden the very thought of doing that becomes too much.  

The self-awareness questions start…

“How do I get it built?”  “How should I do the videos?”  “What tech do I need?”

And the list goes on and on, to the point where your mind is all over the place and starts to think about EVERYTHING, then the overwhelm kicks in.

At this point you just need to STOP!!

Remember (maybe you will, maybe you won’t), back to when you were growing up and your parents and your teachers asked you “what do you want to do when you grow up?” and probably when they asked you, you didn’t know. Mostly because you were probably not aware of all the opportunities available.

If you had been, you might have been overwhelmed with choice, but my point here is that at that time you just made one choice and followed that path, without overwhelm.

The same should be said with your idea.  At this point, don’t think too far ahead.  

The first thing to do is to write it down.  Write down your idea in as much detail as possible.  This achieves two things, one it gets it out of your head and onto a piece of paper, and two, it’s the next step to making it more real and achievable.  

You’ll be amazed how this takes away the overwhelm.

Great – so now you have your idea and you’ve written it down.

Why creating a plan will save your life

Now you need to look at creating a plan, but first let’s break down the idea into its different elements.

With your idea, you will mostly likely need the following:

  1. A clear understanding of who your idea is for?
  2. An Offer (your idea)
  3. Pricing for your offer
  4. A way to market and sell the Offer
  5. A way to take payment
  6. Be able to deliver the offer you promised.

That’s it!  Simple!  

A by-product of this will be building your audience of people who can relate and who you can help.

OK, but what does this actually mean, and how can you make this happen?

Well, let’s see if we can translate what this means into actual SKILLS to move the plan to the next stage:

Who is your offer for?

You need to write down in as much detail as possible WHO your offer will help.

An Offer

You need to write down what your offer looks like, just an outline at this stage.


This is a bit trickier.  Your best bet here is to do some research to see what other similiar offers are doing in the market place?  Maybe also speak to people who fall into the category of your idea customer and explain what you’re doing and how you’d help them and gauge some idea of what their market would likely pay.

Market & Sell the Offer

Again, a bit trickier.  Here’s where you will need specific skillsets. If you are honest with yourself and don’t possess these, I’d recommend looking to outsource.  Trust me when I say it may mean it will cost you but the truth is you’ll need to make the decision of time vs money.  

Either you spend your time and learn it or you speed up the process and hire experts to help you out.  Your decision will obviously be based on your budget available.

Here’s the skills you’ll need:

Graphic Designer – to design your Sales pages

Copywriter – to write captivating copy to attract your audience

Tech person – to build the pages you need, manage the hosting and domains

Strategist/Coach – to keep on track and stick to the plan and get feedback.

Social Media Manager – to make sure you have posts happening daily on the platforms your audience are on.

Paid Ads Specialist – you will at some point need to market on Facebook, Instagram and maybe some other platforms.  This is a very niche skillset and can be less than easy to navigate your way around. Unless your left side of the brain is up for some funky thinking, this could easily overwhelm you.

Now you know the skills you need, you can decide which of these you’re happy to do yourself and which you’ll need help with.

Write down a name next to each skill!  

Now you have your dream team!

Don’t worry about your following. Stick to the plan and it will happen.

This whole thing, in reality is a process.

How many times have you heard – Stick to the process??  Well, it’s true. This whole thing – converting your idea into a plan – to give it its best chance of success is really a process. If you stick to the process it will work.

And because it’s a process, that means that there are steps… like one step at a time, again this helps in avoiding the overwhelm.

Now along the way during this process you will come across barriers, questions, challenges. This is the most normal thing!

The key though is to not let these challenges stop you from moving to the next step. Some of the challenges you’ll come up against are:

  • My posts are not getting “likes” or “comments”
  • My Ads aren’t working (or they’re expensive)
  • I’m not getting the traction
  • It’s just not working…

There will be times that will challenge you enough to give up! There will be times that have you procrastinating like crazy. There will be times that are just too painful.

Let me go back to what I was talking about earlier…

It’s a process.

Just stick to the process, work through the pain and it will happen.

Trust me. I know. I see it time and time again.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?  That you get zero sales?

The only way that will happen is if you have missed a step in the process. And if that does happen, best thing is you will have learnt a lot, and know what to change for next time.

You’ll know where the hiccups are, and what didn’t work. Fix that and the second time around your offer will be amazing.

You’ll be a whole lot further forward than you were when you started!

Go do it!

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