The Best Way To Understand Your Clients So That You Know How To Attract Them

This includes how to:

  1. Listen carefully.
  2. Become an expert in solving their problems.
  3. Write content using their language

Attracting new clients can be a challenge, and seemingly even harder during these uncertain lockdown times. 

Especially if you don’t know much about them.  And interestingly this is an area that many people skip when it comes to “marketing” their services.

It can be the most boring thing, and it takes a lot of hard work to get this right but when you do, your marketing will be more effective than ever before.

Which means to figure out what to say to your target audience, you must first listen to them. It’s easy to mow people down in conversations, I know I’ve experienced this first hand on too many occasions and it can be quite a turn-off.  But if you take the time to listen to them by crafting carefully orchestrated questions, you will get the answers you need.

One of the questions that I always ask people is:

“What is your biggest challenge you have in your business right now?”

This question will really make them think about what their challenges are, especially as businesses go through cycles, so understanding where they are right now will really help you get your messaging right to attract the right people to you. 

If you become good at articulating your message to them, in a way that resonates with them it will hit a chord and spike their interest. 

And if you’re able to curate the next logical steps they need to take, they will then realise exactly how you are able to help them with the next steps they require.

Become The Expert in Solving Their Problems

Through your listening skills, you’re now clearly able to understand what their problems are, and maybe even before they know the problem themselves.

Become the person who can pre-empt your clients problems, and you will attract the right people to you.

Here’s an example of exactly how I did just that…

A prospect reached out in a Facebook group, and so I got on a call with her. She explained she needed help with the technical side of her funnel and gave me the details of what she’d done.  

Instantly I came up with other areas she’d missed and hadn’t thought of. She needed help with pricing, she needed help with strategy and she needed help with her overall marketing. I spotted these gaps and offered ideas to overcome them.

She didn’t know what she didn’t know – and now she realises the gaps in her knowledge and the other areas she needs help with.

This resulted in her wanting to come back to me for more, and now she’s on a monthly retainer for our strategic services.

Even if you think you’re giving away all the crown jewels so to speak, doesn’t mean people will take action themselves or even remember what to do themselves.  The more you give value, the more people will boomerang back to you for more of your services which means you’re not just the expert – you’re positioning yourself as the expert too.

Use Their Language

Through listening carefully and giving extra value you’ll soon become aware of the “language” your people speak. By this I mean listening to their terminology and the phrases they use.

On a simple level, they might talk to you about “I’m not getting the feedback from xyz…” 

When this happens, you can use this language back at them, either in your social media posts or your sales pages to attract new customers.

Something like “Are you struggling with feedback from xyz….???” 

All you’re doing is switching around the language that they’re using so that they’ll resonate with you.  Often each industry has its own language, and by listening to these nuances and picking up on the small things will make a big difference with how people respond to you.

And when you learn to write the way they speak, you start to connect on a much deeper level, which builds trust.

And when you’re able to build trust, your people will come to you.

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