Why getting started is easy, but lack of strategy is the real problem (to get your online course off the ground)

This is for you if:

  1. You’ve committed!  You’re all in… but then you get stuck because some of the stuff gets too hard.
  2. You realise you need skill sets you don’t have – do you learn, or do you hire?
  3. It’s a process. Why you have to stick to the strategy and stick to the process.

Let’s look at a typical scenario that may or may not resonate with you…

You’ve made the decision, you know it’s the logical next step for you, so you make plans. Let me guess.. You probably look at your diary and figure out where you have some free time to get going.

✔️ Check!  

Next, you plan out what you’re going to teach.  You’re looking at all the options and think about modules, how long it will take etc.

Then your mind starts to wander off on tangent and think oh, I should probably record some videos… er.. What tech should I use? What video recorder should I have, what background should I use?

Then you start investigating further, and get trapped in the deepest darkest search roads that suck all your precious time.

Oh, and you haven’t even started on the online tech!  

Then all of a sudden it becomes more real.  So now you’re looking into the best (and probably the cheapest) online platform that will handle all of this for you.

This is where the rabbit holes start…

Time gets away from you, and you spend hours trying to figure out what’s the cheapest and best software to use? What are other people using?

Then – oh, back to the day job because after all you still need to earn a living while you’re doing this – right?

At this point you have some bigger decisions to make!

Do you continue to spend time you don’t really have trying to do this all by yourself, or do you budget to get some help in?

Let me try and put this in some kind of context for you.

✔️ You are an expert in your chosen field

✔️ You are incredibly knowledgeable and know you can help many people

✔️ You have the passion and the desire

Great, now we’ve established what you’re good at, we need to look at what you’re not so good at right? Because we’re always honest with ourselves!

Not great at:

❌ Writing copy (but can learn)

❌ Building sales pages (but can learn)

❌ Sales and marketing (but can learn)

In fact the list goes on…. so now the question changes…

  • Have I got time to learn?
  • Do I want to make the time to learn?

 I can only liken this to when you want to put new carpet down in your lounge. Do you put it down to save money or do you pay for an expert carpet fitter to put it down to save you hours and hours of time?

You get the gist.  

The key here is figure out where you can earn the most money and where your time is best spent, vs playing the long game and learning how to figure it out yourself.

Money buys speed.  Choose time or money.

You must have a Strategy

Doesn’t the saying go – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail? 

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is that without a clear step by step plan things can go awry very quickly. 

It’s incredibly easy to follow rabbits on the internet and the next shiny object, then time gets away with you and it’s easy to end up going round in circles.

I also know from experience that no man is an island and how ever much and however hard you try to do this on your own, you will come up against roadblock after roadblock.

And it’s these roadblocks that I guarantee will hold you back and make you question and doubt yourself again and again.

The solution?

Create a Plan

Plant out the elements that are needed:

  • Create Your Offer
  • Fix a Price
  • Decide how you plan to deliver that offer – Webinar/Sales Page/VSL?
  • Copywriting for all the pages
  • Graphic Design for all the pages
  • Calendar to schedule dates/times & Launch date
  • Video requirements
  • Software automation requirements
  • Tech assistance to make sure everything speaks to each other.
  • Social Media for posting
  • Branding for your offer
  • Building your Audience – organic and paid.

Then put a name beside each of these elements to see how much you can do and how much you need help with.

It’s rare for someone to be a unicorn and do everything themselves and take it from me – you will need help!  Even if it’s just asking a friend for a second opinion.

The truth is that there is a lot to building a course, and it’s not for the faint hearted.

Let me know if I can help!

How to get a Headstart Building Your Online Course

even if you don't have a clue where to begin